Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Will Michigan Fans Ever Really Forgive Harbaugh?

When Jim Harbaugh went on the Dr. Phil show to apologize to fans of the Maize and Blue for saying the Michigan football program accepts marginal students and funnels them through easy majors, there were mixed reactions.

"I forgive Jim," said Michigan Superfan I. "But at the same time, I'll always remember he said it. Would I ever want him to coach the Wolverines in the future? I don't know. I just don't know."

"There is power in forgiveness," encouraged Dr. Phil. "We can release the anger. We can move on. If we let one thing from the past determine a large part of our future, then maybe the problem is with us."

"I was wrong to say what I did," admitted Harbaugh. "I just was trying to talk up Stanford but it came out all wrong. I love Michigan and hope the fans can look past this stupid slip up."

Dr. Phil gave Harbaugh a copy of "Retracting Statements for Coaches," a book he has written for NCAA football coaches. "This book can really get a guy out of a jam," explained Dr. Phil. "Imagine if John L. Smith had this last year!"



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