Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Grady Training Hard For Comeback With New Mentor.

When Kevin Grady went down in spring practice with a torn ACL, many shuddered with fear due to the lack of depth at halfback. Not to worry - Grady is expected to make a fully recovery by September. Some expect the once-fumble-prone junior to be nigh-invincible due to the training by his new mentor, Mr. Miyagi.

"Yeah man, this Miyagi stuff is CRAZY!" exclaimed Grady. "When I first met him, he closed his eyes, grunted, slapped his palms together, and started to rub his hands together really fast. Then, he slapped his paws on my ACL and pressed on it. I'll be damned if I wasn't cured instantly! I can run a 4.3 40 now. Brandon Minor who?"

Grady has been working with Miyagi for nearly a month now, and while the methods are a bit unorthodox, the results are coming.

Miyagi recalls their first training sessions. "Hai! I say to Kevin-San..."you no carry ball on field until you catch option pass with chopstick! He no like idea for long time - but now he has touch delicate like lotus blossom and strong like fierce tiger! "

"I'm really seein' some good developments, man." Confidently remarked Grady. "How can you not believe in this dude? Did you see how he taught Daniel-San to put a whoopin' on that mullet-kid from the Cobra Kai dojo? Hells yeah! Yo, with some time, effort, and good montage music, I'll be back better than ever."


Andrew said...

You're the best around, Kevin! Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!

Killing My Liver said...

That pictue is way too disturbing to even look at.


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