Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NEW FEATURE! "The Golden Ufer" Blog Awards.

Michigan blog fans, Autumn Thunder is proud and honored to present the newest, and possibly most meaningless blog award in the Michigan football blogosphere:


Bob Ufer represented the epitome of passionate communication about Meeechigan football. This is how we here at Autumn Thunder pay tribute to those who inspire us, and award those who constantly provide us with outstanding reading material.

If you are a blogger who wins a Golden Ufer, I hope you know that you have not only garnered the highest of props from the Cowbell Commander, but the Michigan blog community voted you to win. Congrats!

This week: The "Braylon" Award. Which Michigan blog is your first "Go To" guy? Who do you read first when you have that Michigan blog craving? If you get one read per day, who do you want to read? Vote now - the polls close one week from tonight.


Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

my vote is for mgoblog

with a strong second to Jim Harbaugh Scramble the laziest and most out there (content wise) of all the michigan blogs.

but in all seriousness mgoblog is leaps and bounds ahead of all the other blogs, but i am a fan of all michigan blogs.

Anonymous said...

agreed! Brian is the high-watermark.

Andrew said...

mgoblog. i might have said iBFC, but vijay (sadly) doesn't post nearly often enough during the offseason =)

yvgeni said...

Mgoblog is not only the best michigan blog, it's the best sports blog period. The other general sports guys (withleather, deadspin, KSK etc.) are great for entertainment and sports, but for pure focus, no one can even step in the room with Brian.

Anonymous said...

not that it has to be said, but Bob Ufer is SO effing awesome.

Dave110 said...

My top few
1. MGoBlog
2. Ronald Bellamy's Under-Achieving All-Stars (deosn't update enough, but an amazing writer)
3. The M-Zone
4. IBFC (Again, doesn't update enough)

Brian, Johnny, Vijay, Bennie, and Yost are the cream of the Michigan bloggers.

Anonymous said...

i would have to say mgoblog


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