Wednesday, May 2, 2007

President Speaks at "Million Man-ningham March" In Support of Receiver's Freedom!

Today, a sea of Maize and Blue descended upon the United States capital in protest of the treatment of Mario Manningham. The "Million Man-ningham March" was the unprecedented single-greatest act of solidarity among a college sports fan base. George Bush, President of the United States, addressed the crowd and showed his support for Manningham's freedom.

"My fellow 'mericans! We must standify together and face this terrible crisis as one. Today, I have officially added the Michigan State police into the Axis of Evil. In case you were wonderin', I put them way ahead of Iraq on the Axis, and now they're ranked second, just behind that dog in Duck Hunt who laughs at me each time those tricky ducks get away. Hear-illate these words, 'merica! We will not rest until Mr. Manningham's innocence rings from across the mountaintops of our great land. You say that '86 equals number 1'. We should now say that '86 equals freedom!'"



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