Thursday, May 17, 2007

Henne Shatters Michigan Quarterback Record!

Around The clock: Griese, Harbaugh, Henson, Grbac, Collins, Navarre, Brady, Dreisbach.

Chad Henne hasn't played his Senior season yet - but according to the statisticians here at Autumn Thunder, he has officially broken a longstanding Michigan football record - BIGGEST CHIN EVER ON A MICHIGAN QUARTERBACK!

Henne's massive cleft truly is a sight to behold. When told of his accomplishment, Henne beamed with exuberance. "Well, I'm definitely honored. When I'm feeling down and out, I'll just remember that I have the biggest chin ever on a Michigan QB, and possibly the biggest chin ever in the history of college football! You know, having a chin this big is a blessing and a curse. When people tell me to keep my chin up when the game gets tough, I'm like, 'Dude, do you know how heavy this bad boy is?' But then again, when we're in a really hot stadium, I'm always happy to give the guys some shade and keep them cool under my massive lower jaw."

To really appreciate the majesty of Chad's chin, please compare it to other marvels of the modern world.

We here at Autumn Thunder say: DAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMN!


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