Saturday, May 5, 2007

OSU Fan of the Week!

In the second installment of our glimpse into Buckeye society, Autumn Thunder is proud to introduce you to four lovely OSU fans.

Names: Rudy Ray Ratcliffe, Loo Ann Ratcliffe, Tressel Ratcliffe (on the way!) and Woofey Hayes the smell-hound.

Location: Mobile!

Hobbies: Shooting squirrels, spitting off the freeway ramp.

Age: 33 (Rudy Ray) 20 (Loo Ann) -2 months (Tressel) 30 (Woofey)

Occupations: Swinemaster (Rudy Ray) Yungin' Fact'ry (Loo Ann) Future DMV Line Attendant (Tressel) Dog (Woofey).

Why They're Buckeye Fans: "We likes the Buckeyes 'cause they's the most popular team at alls the AA meetin's round Ohio!"

Aren't they charming? Stay tuned to Autumn Thunder for next week's sneak peak into the land of the Buckeyes!


Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

i like this blog a alot, very funny stuff.

keep up the good work and go blue!


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