Saturday, May 19, 2007

MGoBlog Wins Autumn Thunder's First Golden Ufer!

If only the award came with a million dollar scholarship...

Congratulations to Brian @ MGoBlog on winning Autumn Thunder's first "Golden Ufer" award for Meeechigan Football Blogging Excellence. Autumn Thunder's readers voted MGoBlog their "#1 Go To Blogger" for their daily updates on the Wolverines.

Autumn Thunder salutes you, Brian. Your research, journalism, statistical analysis, and wit are the saving grace of people in cubicles and dorm rooms across the Maize and Blue nation. You raise the bar for us here at Autumn Thunder, where we usually just settle for making shit up and doing marginally OK Photoshop work. Cheers!


Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

what's the next golden ufer going to be for.

i can only hope there is a catagory for mich blog with the least amount of mich content compared to other content.

mgoblog deserved this award, great photoshop pic btw.


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