Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tressel Gets Fab Five Makeover!

Autumn Thunder is thrilled to be the first college football blog to report Jim Tressel's stunning new look for the 2007 season. After nearly a decade of patrolling the OSU sidelines in a sweater vest, Tressel is taking his wardrobe to new heights courtesy of the Fab Five from the smash TV series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." What do we here at Autumn Thunder think? FAB-U-LOUS!

"Well, that sweater vest was just so BLAH!" said Queer Eye fashion guru Carson Kressly. "Instead of that vest, I put him in a delightful rose colored suit complete with a snazzy tie and a precious matching handkerchief. The color is close to Scarlet, but not as ugly. Coach T's new look will say, "Hey Mister, I mean business! I'm gonna score some serious homeruns on you!" But at the same time, it says "Maybe we can all go out for a mani-pedis after the game! Yay!" I think this will go over big with the fans."

Kyan Douglas, Queer Eye's grooming expert, said "The coach always had a turtle-esque" look, but I gave him a tan and put a little swoop in his hair. Even if he doesn't score a single point this year, he'll still be first in the BCS rankings - and by BCS, I mean 'Being Crazy Sexy!' "

Will Tressel's new look fly in 2007? Autumn Thunder invites you to judge for yourself.


Anonymous said...

So, six years equates to "nearly a decade" in Michigan math?


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