Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arrington to Star in New Video Game: Grand Theft Auto - Ann Arbor!

Arrington Helps Someone Out of Their Car. How Sweet!

Adrian Arrington may not make it into NCAA 08 due to his indefinite suspension from the team, but today Rockstar Games announced that Arrington will be the lead character in "Grand Theft Auto - Ann Arbor."

"I've always wanted to do a GTA in Ann Arbor ever since I graduated from Michigan," said Mike Maloney, one of Rockstar's lead game designers. "There's so much to do in this town and I've tried to incorporate it into the gaming experience. In the game, you can steal the harmonica from the professor in the Diag and beat him with it, park illegally on the street and see how many unpaid tickets you can pile up from the A2 Police, and lay the smack down on all those stupid self-righteous political student groups handing out flyers all over the place."

"I was really lucky to work with Adrian Arrington, one of Ann Arbor's most well known miscreants on this project. I learned so much about delinquency I think this game will raise the standard for the GTA series. Adrian actually showed us how to make the animations of throwing people out of cars more realistic - I thought we had this down from the first three games! Boy was I wrong."

Arrington was excited about the upcoming game. "In the game, you get to make me do all the things Coach Carr suspends me indefinitely for and I won't get punished," Arrington smirked. "Trust me - if you really want to live the Adrian Arrington experience, you've got to check this out."

Rest assured, the Cowbell Commander will be first in line for this masterpiece in the making.



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