Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cheerleaders: Looking More Like Actual Cheerleaders?


One of the things I noticed this trip to A2 is that the cheerleaders are looking better than editions of past years. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?


Anything has to be better than this!


Andrew said...

my wife commented during the Notre Dame game that the new cheerleading outfits make their boobs look bigger. i agreed. they're also much cuter. maybe it's the outfits, maybe it's the boobs. either way, they look better in the face, too.

kowisja said...

1. Its maize. Its an obvious improvement.
2. The boobs look bigger. Its an obvious improvement.
3. Its simple. An obvious improvement.
4. Hopefully its a permanent switch. There have been some ok uniforms in the past, but they have involved too much flare, or a rotating cast of jerseys (see the bleh picture featured for two games one year).

Gary said...

I was just saying the same thing. Waaaaay better than previous years.

phillip said...

No doubt. Everyone in the crowd notices, its evident on TV, and generally a huge (wink, wink) plus versus anything previously worn.

Unfortunately, I've been informed that the unis we saw the last two weeks are "just for maize outs" ... perhaps given positive feedback, the thinking will change on this? Somebody e-mail the athletic dept / whomever runs the cheerleading program...

Packer487 said...

"2. The boobs look bigger. Its an obvious improvement."

It looks like Bill Martin put that adidas signing bonus to good use!

I liiike!

GoBlue said...

Maybe it is the new uniforms, but one of the Michigan cheerleaders is up for CBS Cheerleader of the Week. Go to and vote for Michigan. Pass this on -- let's give them kudos for the change!

joseph burrell said...

those cheerleaders are so beautiful, I remember when I played for a bookmaking sports football team, the cheerleaders were not that hot like these ones


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