Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sir Elton John, Mike Hart to Open "Save Manningham" Benefit Concert!

When international recording superstar Elton John caught wind of the Mario Manningham drug scandal, he was shocked, appalled, and motivated to act against the grave injustice brought upon Michigan's finest reciever.

"Seriously darling, I've done benefit concerts ever since I was a young lad, and the Save Manningham concert is my most important gig to date. I've sung for every charitable cause from starving African children to obese American children, but no cause has touched my heart like this one has. The framing of Mario Manningham is one of the worst tragedies I've ever witnessed, and I intend to sing some over-dramatic, yet catchy songs to show my support for this wonderful young man," said Sir Elton.

The Save Manningham concert will feature premier acts including, but not limited to U2, Aerosmith, The Police, and The Dave Matthews Band. Opening the Save Manningham concert with Elton John will be extra-special guest Mike Hart. The two will begin the concert with "Like A Vicoden In The Wind," an adaptation of one of Sir Elton's greatest hits.

Look for upcoming details of the Save Manningham benefit concert right here on Autumn Thunder!


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