Saturday, November 3, 2007

They Beat Themselves to Death to Beat Sparty.

I am the sackmaster! Wanna know why?

In one of the most exciting Michigan football games I've seen in a while, the Wolverines barely beat the Spartans. This win put the team one game closer to their goal of winning the Big Ten Championship. However, after this rough and aggressively-played game, it is unclear whether the Wolverines will be with their two biggest weapons for the remainder of the season.

Hart started feeling severe ankle-pain in the second quarter, and Henne re-aggravated his knee injury in the third quarter. Both players had to leave the game (Hart for the majority of the second half, and Henne for one series) due to the extreme pain they were feeling.

When Hart left the game, Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown tagged team their way through the second half. Minor and Brown did not play like the 'new and improved' Wonder-Twins that we have seen the last two games - they were Minor and Brown of old. Largely unremarkable. Most attempts to run up the middle were fruitless wastes of first, second, and third downs. Once again, we see how dangerous it is when the Wolverines play against a competent team intent on playing to win and Mike Hart is not in the game.

I have given Ryan Mallett the benefit of the doubt for the last few weeks, but I can defend him no longer - the kid has a serious case of fumble-itis. He is ranking right up there with Brown and Minor during their freshman campaigns.

Dude! Seriously! Somebody wrap his hands in duct tape, or put some super-glue on his palms...but we can't expect him to lead a good drive down the field if the ball pops out before the play starts. The biggest arm Michigan has ever seen is useless if there is no ball to be thrown.

It will be a real heartbreaker to watch the team come this far only to get denied at the end of the road due to key players being injured.

Chad, Mike - tomorrow I'm going to go to church and light a candle for each of you. Get well soon...they can't do it without both of you.


Tim said...

dn't reaggravate his knee injury, Schilling stepped on his foot. He said he was fine by the time he got to the sidelines. He was out for one play, not one series.

Cowbell Commander said...

See? I told you it was crappy journalism.


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