Sunday, November 4, 2007

Les Miles: Lucky, Ballsy, or Supernatural?

Listen up Sally! Here's how you get back home.

So Les Miles has come up with another victory from the jaws of defeat. Is he an offensive genius? Does the fact that he has cajones with ten foot diameters inspire his players to play like they do too?

Whatever the case, Lady luck sure does seem to be on his side these days - or is it someone else who is giving Les a little assistance?

What do you guys think?


Hemlock Philosopher said...

Great pic, CC. That may be an insult to someone who prides himself on crappy photoshopping, but really nice!

phillip said...

Miles has consistently found a way to pull wins out of nowhere, but what confuses/worries me about Miles as a coach is that the team gets into such tough situations.

I just. don't. buy. that the SEC is that much more difficult than any other conference and that's why all of the games are tough.

Sometimes it just seems like Miles isn't in control with all of the bonehead penalties and turnovers that put them in precarious positions.

Then again, Miles seldom snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, either, so... that's a plus. Miles is certainly a respectable coach, but with all of the talk of him approaching his job with a "CEO" mentality, one would hope that he could get a few key facts into his kids' heads: don't turn the ball over and don't commit unnecessary penalties.

Todd said...

What scares me is all the crappy play that gets them into those situations--they had like 150 penalty yards on Saturday. Michigan already can't play assignment football.

I vote Shiano! Win at Rutgers--win at Michigan.


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