Sunday, November 18, 2007

Celebrity Weekend!

Say cheese, sweetheart!

This weekend, alongside tailgating with some good college buddies (and some VIP AT readers!), I got to meet a few football celebrities. My girlfriend, Decker (an old college buddy who once played quarterback against Henne in high school!) and I went to the MDen to meet Lee Corso. He couldn't have been a nicer guy. He seemed happy to meet all the fans who came to greet him and was willing to sign autographs and pose for pictures. You can't tell because I blacked out all the faces of those who wish to remain anonymous - but DAMN is that man orange!

Unverified Voracity meets Random Crap.

I also got to meet Brian from MGoBlog at a mysterious bar located somewhere near Ashley. He's even smarter-sounding in person than he is on the blog, if that's possible.


Mark Eadie said...

My dad and I were at the pep rally on the Diag while my sister and my mom were shopping. They picked us up after the rally and my mom asked, "Who's Lee Corso?" By her tone I knew her question was prompted by something, and knowing that Corso was in town, I quickly inquired in reply, "Why??" "I just had a lovely talk with him," she said! My mom had been in the M-Den and talked to him for 10 minutes! "We had a nice talk and he's a very pleasant man," she said! (My mom's such a conversationalist she could have a "nice talk" with Hugo Chavez (or worse, Jim Tressel)) She asked, "He's an older man, right?" I added, "Like Columbo, but better looking?" "Yeah," said my mother. "Is he still there??" "Probably." My cries of disbelief prompted us to change direction and head straight to Briarwood. We got there around 8, just before he left, got a few things signed, and got a family picture with him, too.

Did you know that Corso was going to be there? I thought that the funniest part of the whole operation was the he was there to sign the new DVD "Baby Wolverine." Lee Corso was signing baby videos! It's Michigan propaganda, so of course I bought one for my nephew and had it signed, but still.

By the way, CC, my friend and I check your site daily. Keep up the good work! Next time you come into town, shoot me an email so my friends and I can buy you a beer; you deserve it!


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