Monday, November 12, 2007

OSU Fan of the Week!

Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Today, Autumn Thunder is proud to present two brothers who have grown up lifelong Buckeye fans.

Johnny-Jack and Freddy-Floyd Williamson

Location: Columbus, OH

Hobbies: Hog racing, monster trucks rallies, and watching Oprah.

Age: 35 (Willy-Jack) and 38 (Freddy-Floyd)

Occupation: They're both interning as septic tank engineers

Why They're Buckeye Fans: "Momma always tolded us, 'ya just wanna reach out an' hitch yer wagons to some stars.' But when yer like us, and yer too dumb and too lazy to get at them thar stars, the TV remote is always within reach and them Buckeys is always on. GO BUCKS!"

Ah. this is going to be a good week.



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