Monday, November 19, 2007

It's My Birthday!

So as of three minutes ago, I am officially 25 years old. It's kind of a surreal moment - eighteen hours ago I was living the dream back in Ann Arbor (except the loss part) and now I'm back in my crappy Brooklyn apartment dreading the hours until I have to go back to my cubicle.

Being back in Ann Arbor, a place filled with so much hope, so many dreams, and so many talented and accomplished people reminded me how life is really supposed to be lived - going after what you really want and not settling for anything less.

In front of all you AT readers, I hereby swear that I am going to make this the most productive and happiest year of my life since I left Michigan.

I wish I could hang out and have a beer and eat some wings with you guys. But since that's a geographic impossibility, send me a picture of a beer! It would be most appreciated and get my 25th year off to a great start.

Yours truly,



SA said...

Happy Birthday!

Mark Eadie said...

Happy Birthday! Coach Carr gave you the birthday present of an unknown future for our beloved team. I appreciate Lloyd Carr, but that this could be one of the best birthday presents you've ever been given.

The Girl said...

Happy Birthday! Can't send pics of beer, how 'bout jager?

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Happy birthday!

kowisja said...

happy birthday a few days late. I just recovered from the weekend. and work isn't all that bad. then again i say that when i work for a fraternity traveling from chapter to chapter partying and meeting college students across the country. something tells me thats not what you're doing in brooklyn.


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