Thursday, November 22, 2007

Autumn Thunder's "Keep Sam McGuffie" Petition Now Online!

Do you still love us?

When Sam McGuffie committed to Michigan a few months ago, the Maize and Blue fanbase rejoiced. Oh, how wonderful it would be to see him in that winged helmet! Now it appears that with the coaching change drama so prominently in the news, certain commitments may be wavering. The only thing we, the future Sam McGuffie fans can do is show our appreciation for this awesome Texan.

If you have 15 seconds, please sign the "Keep Sam McGuffie in Maize and Blue" petition. Do you think we can get 10,000 signatures before the new coach is named? I do!

If you have the inclination, email it to your friends! Put it up on some message boards! Let's get that 10,000! No other fanbase will appreciate him like we will - let's show it.

If he sees the love we have for him and knows of his opportunity on the depth chart, hopefully he'll be a Wolverine in February.


Misha said...

Can you give us status updates on the numbers of signatures you've collected?

In the meanwhile, I'll put this up on facebook, in my group Michigan Football Fanatics (over 7000 members!) and in the Michigan Football Fans Application (over 30000 members!).

Cowbell Commander said...

Right now, it is a measly 80 signatures. Not the turnout I'd hoped for, but there is still time.

Go Blue!

phillip said...

Posted on UMGoBlue... but still a low turnout. Maybe its the holiday. Perhaps post on some other higher-vis areas?


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