Monday, November 5, 2007

Matty Ice? I'd Rather Have A Henneken.

Don't serve in a bowl or in Ohio.

Who among us is sick of hearing about Matt Ryan, the BC QB who some broadcast crews have taken to calling "Matty Ice?" If Matt Ryan were a beer, he'd be Blue Moon - pretty good, yet over-hyped. If Chad Henne were a beer, I think this is what he'd be:

He'd be manly yet plain; nothing too extravagant. He would have a classic, understated taste, and he would always get you wasted when you needed him to.

If there are any home brewers out there who would like to make a batch of Henneken, let me know how it turns out! Can I try a sample if anyone actually does this?


Ben said...

he ain't light

Jeff said...

I want a Mike Hart homebrew. My friend is majorly into homebrewing, so I can get him to do it but I haven't come up with any good ideas yet.

Cowbell Commander said...

If Mike Hart were a beer, he'd be a bold stout!


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