Sunday, June 10, 2007

Arrington Back With Blue!


Whatever Adrian Arrington did to get back in Lloyd Carr's good graces over the last two months worked - he is now back with the Wolverines. Has Carr ever given this many chances to a player in the recent past?

The Cowbell Commander has mixed feelings about Arrington's reinstatement. On one hand, Arrington is a superb receiver. Conversely, he is a douche bag who can't seem get his act together. I guess the only choice we have is to watch and see what unfolds this coming season. Will Arrington prove himself worthy of wearing the winged helmet? Or will he reach his third and final strike with Coach Carr?

Arrington says he is keeping himself out of trouble by playing a lot of Playstation 3 at night instead of staying out late. What game could he be playing?

Whatever method of self-control you use, Adrian, please make it work. Stay on the field for 13 games this year. As much as you worry me, I know the team needs you.



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