Sunday, June 17, 2007

English Borrows Branch's Playbook Memorization Techniques To Teach New Defenders!

1 Large Linebacker Blitz Pizza.

There are a lot of questions facing the defense this year. Losing starters Leon Hall, Alan Branch, David Harris, Lamarr Woodley, and a host of others, Ron English has a formidable challenge ahead of him as he tries to prime a new class for terror on the defensive line. Luckily, Alan Branch is lending a helping hand by teaching Ron English his patented playbook memorization method.

"In the 2005 season, I just didn't know the playbook well enough. I just couldn't focus on learning all those X's and O's! I was always thinking about food." admitted Branch. "But before the 2006 season, I created a new method for learning all the plays so I could really become a difference maker. If you ask me, or any offensive lineman or quarterback I destroyed last year, it definitely worked."

The method? Two months before spring ball in 2006, Branch had Pizza House deliver specially-prepared pizzas to his dorm room with all the plays from the playbook every night. Each night, Branch ate the entire playbook twice. By the time the season rolled around, he had seen each play at least 20 times and had mentally mastered them all.

"Sure, I gained a few pounds, but you can't make an omlette without eating...I mean breaking some eggs." Rationalized Branch.

English seems on board with this plan and thinks he will use it to teach the incoming starters all their plays. "Hey, if this worked for Alan, it can work for the new guys," said English. "Let's eat!"


beartoes said...

Now that is a very cleaver way to learn how to memorize things better. I guess whatever it takes and if it works that is really all that counts.


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