Sunday, June 10, 2007

New NCAA Football 2008 Features Revealed!

The Mascot Rochambeau Feature. Brilliant!

EA Sports has announced a new feature of their hit franchise NCAA Football exclusively to Autumn Thunder!

"We've received numerous suggestions from the NCAA Football community on how to improve this series. More than anything else, our gamers want to be able to kick the opposing team's mascot in the balls after the mascot does a stupid celebration because the computer finally scored a touchdown," said Jerry Martin, the series' project manager for EA.

There will also be a rochambeau minigame, where players can pick up to five mascots to abuse per round and see how much pain they can cause. We are told that you can actually hear the cheerleader inside the costume scream with pain and watch him writhe on the ground after they get their cojones blasted into next season.

Trojan, Leprechaun, Nittany Lion, Sparty and of course,'re on notice with the Cowbell Commander. Hope you're wearing a cup!


steve g said...

Damn you, Red X.


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