Sunday, June 24, 2007

OSU Fans of the Week!

Till Death Do They Fart.

It's summertime, and love is in full bloom down in Ohio. This week, Autumn Thunder is priveleged and excited to introduce you to the newly married Myrtle and Aloisious Johnson.

Names: Myrtke and Aloisious Johnson.

Location: Akron, OH

Hobbies: Burping contests, varmint hunting, monster truck rallies.

Age: 41 (Myrtle) 38 (Alosious)

Occupation: Truck Stop Masseuse (Myrtle), Roadkill Scraper (Aloisious).

Why They're A Buckeye Fans: "(Myrtle) I metted Aloisious at one of them thar Buckeye footyball games when I accidentally satted on him and done gone broke his pelvis. We've been in love ever since!"

Ain't love grand? Or should we say, doesn't love weigh a grand? Either way you slice it, come back next week for more OSU fan profiles!


Reed said...

(Blatantly stealing this from John Henson)

Sprat, party of two. Sprat, party of two - your table is ready...


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