Thursday, June 14, 2007

OSU Fan of the Week!

The Oldest Living Buckeye Fan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this week Autumn Thunder is proud and honored to present the oldest living member of the Buckeye Nation. Behold!

Name: Hong Li Wang.

Location: Akron, OH

Hobbies: Eating the pus that he squirts from his warts; yelling crazy things in dark alleys to passersby.

Age: 107

Occupation: Retired; former professional medical guinea pig.

Why He's A Buckeye Fan: "After the games, there's free food in the garbage cans outside the stadium! I call them 'free samples.' "

What a great charming old man - living proof that age is only a number. A number that probably shouldn't go past 95. Stay tuned to Autumn Thunder for the next Fan of the Week!



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