Saturday, October 6, 2007

You Beautiful, Beautiful Man!

Into the record books today. Into our hearts and minds forever.

Forget about Christmas. Forget about Hannukah. Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Easter - who the hell cares? My birthday? Pssh. Today is the most important day of the year. Today, Mike Hart shattered the Michigan all-time rushing record. Oh, I was so happy for him! All that hard work - all those yards earned bit by bit - today they all came together to put him atop Michigan's mountain of running back legends.

Screw you, Lincoln. Did YOU break any Michigan rushing records today?

By the season's end, I expect he will add another 400 yards on top of his current rushing total of 4,655.

I watched the game at Metro 53 today, where the New York alumni chapter meets every week to watch Mike Hart kick ass. I happened to run into John U Bacon, author of "Bo's Lasting Lessons," who was in the bar signing copies of his book and hobnobbing with New York's finest Wolverines.

"You're wearing the right jersey!" Mr. Bacon said, commenting on my Mike Hart fan gear. "He's the man today!"

"He's the man every day," I said back.


Todd said...

SOB, I need to get me a copy of Photoshop


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