Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumn Thunder Book Club: What It Means to Be A Wolverine.

A truly average book.

In my quest to read every book published about Michigan football, I picked up a copy of "What It Means To Be A Wolverine."

'Michigan's greatest players talk about Michigan football? Surely this book has to be sweet.' I thought to myself. The book was OK, but certainly not worth buying at full price.

There are a few notable names in this book, but there not very many high-quality anecdotes to make the book worth purchasing. It was interesting to read the stories of guys who played in the thirties and forties, but there was little substance for a reader to take with them after book was over.

In short, this book was like a sandwich from Zingerman's. It looks good, costs alot, but when you're done, you think 'I could have gotten something way better with the money I paid for this.'

Buy or pass? Pass. Mooch it off a friend or peruse it at the bookstore...but your personal Michigan football library will be fine with out this one.



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