Sunday, October 21, 2007

Let Me Show Ya Something!

Remember Fire Marshall Bill, Jim Carey's breakout character on "In Living Color?" He would put himself in dangerous situations, get seriously injured, yet come back for more. Chad Henne reminded me a lot of Fire Marshall Bill tonight. He got rocked in the first half when he landed on his shoulder, but said "Let me show you something! This is verrrrrrry very dangerous!" and then he came back in and played solidly for another few plays to end the first half. Then, after Mallett wasn't playing up to snuff during the second half, Chad stepped out from the sidelines and faced getting seriously injured once again. "Don't dry this at home, kids! I'm a professional!" Henne said. Henne played a great last quarter and secured the Michigan win.

And where did all the playcalling come from tonight? Wow! Throwing on first down on multiple occasions? I almost crapped my pants. And then that thing where Arrington threw the pass to Manningham? Never in my wildest dreams did I think Mike DeBord would call a trick play that worked after seeing a transcontinental crash and burn every few years. Congratulations, Mike DeBord. Today, I was impressed. Keep up this madness and who knows how the rest of the season will turn out!

Also, a nice pat on the back goes to Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown. While usually a two-headed fumblefest, you guys really held it together in Hart's absence. Carlos, you especially were impressive in a few of those runs you busted out on the Illinois defense.

So, in short:
Hooray for another Michigan win! Hooray for hope being kept alive! Hooray for our boys coming together during a tough time and stepping up to a team that many thought would get the better of them. Go Blue!



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