Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Autumn Thunder Exclusive: Manningham Suspended Because of The Worm!

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As we all know, Manningham will not play this week against EMU due to a violation of team rules. Many have speculated what rule Mario may have broken - but only Autumn Thunder has the scoop: it was indeed the game-ending Worm that did the wide receiver in.

'Round and around and around and around!

"Mario Manningham doing 'The Worm' was totally unacceptable," said Lloyd Carr. "Everybody knows that our entire program is stuck in the 1960's. Everything is from the '60's. The kind of players we recruit - the playbook - the coaching methodology -the worm is from the mid 80's, and Mario's flagrant disregard of Michigan's time-honored tradition of not adapting to change had to be reprimanded."

"Perhaps if he did 'The Twist' at the end of the game, we would have abstained from punishing him." Explained Carr. "Hell - I would have tolerated 'The Swim' or even 'The Monkey'. But 'The Worm?' That's not something a Michigan Man does."

Look for Manningham's return in two weeks.



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