Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ryan Mallett's Playbook Revealed; David Cone Appointed Fumble Caddy.

Time for some rootin' tootin' fumbles! YEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!

Autumn Thunder is excited to be the first to reveal an exclusive look at Ryan Mallett's playbook. It has been speculated that Mallett is only working with a limited portion of the offensive plays; but seeing that there are only four plays to choose from is quite disturbing. It seems that play number four was called several times on Saturday and executed to perfection.

You finally have something to do! If you screw it up, you're off the lawn!

In other important team news, David Cone has been appointed Ryan Mallett's official 2007 Fumble Caddy. He will now be in the backfield at all times when Mallett is under center, and one of the tight ends will stay off the field to compensate for the added position. Having a personal Fumble Caddy far outweighs the extra tight end, dontcha think?



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