Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Play That Funky Music, Brandon!

In a display of justice, the disorderly conduct charges against Brandon Graham have been dropped and the case against him will be dismissed in 60 days. He is no longer wanted for arrest.

"Why yes, the situation was quite erroneous," said Graham. "I'm afraid the police had me confused with someone else. The night in question, my car stereo was playing Beethoven's 9th symphony, and I was enjoying the exquisite final movement by the virtuosos performing in the Vienna Philharmonic. The volume in my automobile was perfectly moderate - the same level of sonic output at which one should enjoy classical music's greatest masterpieces!"

"No, I'm not upset at all," quotes Graham. "I understand people make mistakes, and I will certainly not hold any grudges against our fine police force in the area. Taa Taa!"



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