Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Open Letter to Sam McGuffie #3!

Who looks badass in a winged helmet? Sam McGuffie looks badass in a winged helmet!

Sam, we're all really glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Ann Arbor this past weekend. The University of Michigan is 'perfect,' you say? Damn right it is! Did you see how much love Mike Hart got during the game? Did you hear the student section chant his name as he left the field in the fourth quarter- so loud and so passionately that he limped back onto the gridiron to honor them? You are our hero waiting in the wings. In a few years, a steady chant of "SAM! SAM! SAM!" will echo 111,000 strong.

If you are at all concerned about coaching changes, I just heard today on Rivals Radio that all the assistant coaches at Michigan had two year contract extensions signed last year, so it is highly likely that the vast majority of the coaching staff you are working with now will be there next year.

I hope your recovery is going well and you're enjoying your senior season, albeit from the sideline for now. High school football is a great thing - but wait until you get to Michigan! You can't even imagine how good life will be.

Whatever happens, I'll always be a fan.




Andrew said...

true, life for Sam will be GREAT. he would be like the polar opposite of antonio henton (buckeye zing!)

fred said...

...Not to mention the love Mallett is getting!


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