Friday, September 7, 2007

Buckin' and Buckin' Like We Was Duck Huntin'!

Let's hope he doesn't come back laughing at us with no Duck in his hand!

Tomorrow is a game which is going to mean a lot to the season. Either Michigan wins and starts to pick up steam, or they lose and become one of the biggest laughing stocks of 2007. I'm sure all the boys in blue are jacked for the game. They've been brewing and stewing for over a week now, probably looking forward to taking out their frustrations on some ugly green and yellow jerseys. I kinda feel sorry for the first Duck that gets tackled on Saturday. It will probably be vicious.

Lloyd Carr has a lot to answer for in this game. If he wins, he's the guy who allowed the biggest upset in college football history on his own turf. If he loses, he's an incompetent jackass who should be fired immediately and all mention of his name should be stricken from Michigan history. Talk about pressure. I'm pulling for you, Lloyd.

A man with a mission.

Lloyd Carr is not the only one with something to prove. Chad Henne has to go out there and show the world that he's a badass senior quarterback with a chip on his shoulder - not a bumbling scrambling disaster who's an easy target for aggressive defenses. Heisman hopes, a bowl bid, and a collegiate legacy all weigh heavily on Henne's shoulders on Saturday.

Do I have that "pregame dread" so many of my fellow bloggers are talking about these days? You betcha. But I'll never give up on them.



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