Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not Football, But Still Cool: We Did It!

Celebration Time!

I just wanted to thank all the Autumn Thunder readers who graciously clicked the link to the blog about my crappy apartment building and the slumlords who run it. It turns out you guys gave the site so many hits, when you google the phrase "10 Midwood," my blog is the first thing to pop up!

Now for the good news - since all the new traffic boosted my Google rating, a prospective tenant found my blog online and backed out of signing her lease for this building upon reading it. She emailed me to thank me for exposing this building for what it really is. Thanks to you guys, she doesn't have to live like an animal for a year.

She thanks you, and so do I. This is our good deed for the week.




Killing My Liver said...

I checked out your apt blog. Umm .. did you ever check out NYC before you moved? I don't mean to downplay your plight, but, man NYC is a dirty, dirty place. When you have that many people in a small environ like that, it's gonna be shitty. I can understand the trash and puddles and such INSIDE the building being a problem, but the stuff on the street ?? come on. Not your landlords problem.
If you want sparkling sidewalks and such, NYC is probably not the place for you, unless you have millions to pay.

Killing My Liver said...

Oh, and I hope you find a place more to your liking. Keep up the good work on the blog. The Michigan one.

Cowbell Commander said...


This is my third year in NYC and my first (and last!!!) year in this apartment. True, the city can be dirty. When I visited this place before I rented, it was relatively "clean" compared to what you saw and I didn't think the litter would possibly get this bad. I must have come on garbage day. Granted, those pictures were from an exceptionally dirty day, but the apartment and the surrounding area are disgusting nonetheless.

Bums in the building? Puddles of piss on the floor? Trash stuffed inside every possible hole in the wall? I think I have every right to be upset and warn prospective tenants to stay the fuck out of this hell hole.

Thank you for the compliment on the Michigan blog, though :)

Killing My Liver said...

Gotcha man, wasn't trying to be a dick there, and I agree that that stuff INSIDE the buildng is bad. If that's day - to - day, then yes, complain. And, big ups(I said it) for actually warning other people. It's just funny to me when people come to NYC and are like "It's full of trash and homeless." No shit. That's the way it is. I personally love going to the city and seeing it like it is: NYC, unadorned. Makes me really appreciate living in Fl by the beach. Sorry if I cam off dickish in the post, not my intent.

Cowbell Commander said...

No offense taken KML! I love NYC too and plan on settling here if possible. Just not in this 'hood...

I'm glad to have you as a reader. Thanks for all the comments you leave! Go Blue!

Todd said...

Sweet! Glad I could help, I was the one that pissed on the corner too. Burp

Go Blue!

Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

i lived in a shithole apartment in cleveland for a year, believe me I feel your pain.

keep up the good work and go blue.


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