Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ask A Question to Tyrone Wheatley!

Blast from the past!

Thanks to the fine folks at the Pat Maloy Scholarship Fund, Autumn Thunder has been lucky enough to get a possible interview with Tyrone Wheatley, heroic Michigan running back of yesteryear. What do you guys want me to ask Tyrone? Send me your questions, and I'll try to put together an interview that will be interesting (possibly more interesting than the new cheerleader outfits?) to everyone.


Reed said...

Not sure how to phrase this exactly, but a question about his early NFL career when the Giants drafted him and then pretty much chose not to use him (I think he had an injury as well). Does he ever wonder what would have happened had he ended up on a different team?

Killing My Liver said...

He hurt his ribs in camp, and never really found his way into the lineup. He actually was hurt on a couple different occsssions.

Reed said...

I forgot! Ask him about that '94 game versus Penn State. It's still the best all-around football game I've ever seen two teams play in person. He was coming back from his injury that year - I think that was his second game back in the lineup. With Michigan down 17-3 at the half, he took what I believe was the opening play from scrimmage (in the second half) and busted past the defense on the left side for a 75 yard TD scamper. It changed the whole game. Michigan came back and took the lead, but PSU managed to eke out the win. Just an amazing game. I'm not sure what question to ask, but maybe just get him talking about it.


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