Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Open Letter to Sam McGuffie.

Hi Sam,

I hope you're recovering from your injury and feeling ready to kick some butt this fall during your last year of high school. I'm sure your senior year isn't shaping up quite how you expected it to be. For sure, Michigan's year isn't shaping up the way how we all expected, either.

If you're having any second thoughts about coming to Ann Arbor next year, it's understandable. After all, the team you just committed to just lost to a FCS team last week and then got owned in this week's game against the Ducks. Suddenly, the prize you picked doesn't seem so shiny and new anymore, while the school you passed over is doing quite well this year. Couple that with the fact that the coaching staff you thought you would be working with might be gone in a few months - it's got to be weighing on your mind.

But Sam, there are benefits to riding out the storm. For one, if you saw how the other running backs are playing this year, you can pretty much tell that you can come right in and get significant playing time right away. Being buried in the depth chart will not be an issue.

Also, rest assured whoever Michigan brings in to replace Coach Carr and any other departing staff members will be BADASS. This is Michigan football we're talking about. While Bill Martin has been known to pinch pennies in the past with coaching salaries, he will spend top dollar to get Michigan the finest football coach money can buy. Alumni will pitch in to make sure this happens. Whoever the coach is next year, he will be great and lead the team right back on track to where you thought it would be when you committed.

Down years happen, Sam. They can happen for a number of reasons. Lack of team chemistry, bad coaching decisions, lack of adapting to the way the game is being played...they're all reasons why Michigan is not performing up to expectations this year.

But you represent the future. You're the type of player this program needs in order to be dominant in the next generation of college football. We're all hoping that you come in, amaze us on the gridiron, and have a career we will all tell our kids about someday.

Don't give up on us, Sam. We need you.

Whatever happens, I'll always be a fan.

Kindest regards,



Hollywood Beach said...

yeah, how'd that letter work out.....


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