Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumn Thunder Book Club: Bo's Lasting Lessons.

On a ten and a half hour car ride, you need something to do! Knowing I would have lots of free time during my drive to Ann Arbor, I brought along a new copy of "Bo's Lasting Lessons" by John U. Bacon and Bo Schembechler. This book was worth reading every page. It almost feels like Bo is right there next to you, recounting his adventures in coaching and how they can be applied to life and leadership. Plus, you get a lot of new Bo stories that haven't been recounted in previous books about Michigan football. I learned a lot about leadership while reading this, and I got to rethink the way I work with people and how I could be a more effective motivator at work.

If you have an extra $25, a few hours, and an irresistible urge to read anything and everything related to Michigan football, this book is perfect for you. At least rent it from the library if you don't want to own your own copy for your Michigan book collection!


LudaChristian said...

Is the AT Book Club kinda like the Oprah Book Club?

Cowbell Commander said...

Sorta - except instead of cheesy tearjerkers about self-exploration and love, the Autumn Thunder book club will only feature books about football, beer, and manliness!


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