Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Power of God Compells You!

I need a young coach and an old coach!

I have no proof to substantiate this claim, but I'm pretty sure that Football Satan is exerting his demonic will over our Wolverines. Arrington? Ok, I can believe that. Chris Richards? Carson Butler? That took me by surprise. Obi Ezeh? LaTerryal Savoy? I never pegged them as bad seeds. Now Quentin Patilla and Robert Thornbladh? Come on!!!! Supernatural forces must be at work here. When the Miami Hurricanes look like Altar Boys compared to the Wolverines, you know the Dark Lord is playing puppet master with some Maize and Blue souls. Somebody get an exorcist!

Kill! Kill! Kill!


lcypert said...

I am certain that Robbie Thornbladh would never intentionally hurt anyone.


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