Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hart Pulls No Punches For Harbaugh!


Mike Hart wears his heart on his sleeve. He doesn't duck questions, and he always speaks his mind. I've always loved that about him. After reading his comments during Big 10 Media Day, I can't help but wonder if he's crossed the line between honesty and lack of discretion regarding what he said about Jim Harbaugh. Hart made valid points - Harbaugh's assertions about Stanford were self serving, and he did take a Michigan transfer student into the Stanford program while at the same time criticizing the academic credibility of Michigan football players. But Mike, you didn't show much class out there today. I hate to say it - but you almost sounded like a bitter, whiny jerk.

To an extent, we all feel a sting from Harbaugh's words. But the true mark of a Michigan man is to show class at all times, even when you're boiling with anger and have a chance to take a public shot at the source of your frustration.

I know that criticizing Mike Hart on a Michigan blog is punishable by 40 lashings. I will go to confession tomorrow and repent.


Gary said...

I disagree. Although I do believe that Michigan Men should show some reserve I think Harbaugh's comments in particular needed to be slammed and Hart did that, and did it quite well. Maybe I'm more vindictive than most, but I didn't hear a whiny bitch in those comments, but rather a sweeping dismissal of Harbaugh entirely. Also, Carr's comments where extremely harsh as well, but just not as oft-quoted or quoted in their entirety.

Kudos to Hart, somebody needed to say something.

Shalin said...

Jim deserved it. Cowbell Commander - don't take it to the HART! Keep the photoshop work coming :-D

oldish said...

I understand Harbaugh had a DUI which will probably drop him from ever being considered as Michigan's coach.
That is probably he made his comments. In this case, you can't go home again!!


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