Saturday, August 4, 2007

OSU Fan of the Week!

Business in the front, tailgate in the back.

Many thanks to Gary and Seth who reminded me that the OSU Fan of the Week should not be neglected. Well fellas, the truth is, I just had a near-impossible time finding someone who admitted to being an OSU fan! I got a lot of "ew!" and "oh come on, you can't be serious." But after weeks of searching, Autumn Thunder proudly presents...

Names: JimBob Hackenfield.

Location: Columnbus, OH

Hobbies: Bowling league, playing with his jug-band, and seeing how far he can spit tobacco into the wind.

Age: 39

Occupation: McDonald's fry-alator cleaner.

Why He's A Buckeye Fan: "I loves them Buckeyes! Watchin' them play is better than doin' the horizontal diggity-dance with yer sister. Ooooooooooooooooooooohweeeeee!"

It's good to be back on the wagon. Stay tuned for the next OSU Fan of the Week, which might not be next week...but rest assured, it's coming.


Seth said...

Friggin' brilliant, man! I think that I can scrounge up a few sucknut faithful around here. If so, I'll forward them for you to post on the interwebs.

The Girl said...

Think I saw him at the grocery the other day....=)

Shawn said...

Too bad some idiot Fishigan fan did a piss poor job of photoshopping the Ohio State Sticker. About what I'd expect from someone from the dying rust belt.


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