Monday, August 6, 2007

Notre Dame DL Caught Red Hand-ed!

WWJD? Certainly Not This.

Notre Dame's defensive line took a hit this week as projected DT starter Derrell Hand was suspended from the team after he was caught in a prostitution sting. You should have used your hand, Hand! Too bad for the guy - he didn't get screwed...but most likely, his scholarship and chances to play college ball did.

"I understand how hard it is to resist temptation," said ND coach Charlie Weis. "Derrell probably felt the same thing looking at those skanky whores as I do when I look at a big juicy hot dog. It's hard to say no!"

On the Autumn Thunder soap box for a second - if you're a projected starting player for the college football program who some would claim is "America's team" and you can't get laid without coughing up some dough, something is wrong. Is this guy a total idiot? All he has to do is walk up to any woman in South Bend and say 5 magic words: "I-PLAY-FOR-THE-IRISH." BOOM! Pants on the ground. If touchdown Jesus is rockin', don't come a knockin.'


strikefirst said...

LOL!!! The guy sitting next to me here in the ofice designed the steel inside "Touchdown Jesus"...Yeah this guy is obviously an idiot...I'm surprised some ND Alumnist didn't throw there daughter at him.


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