Sunday, August 19, 2007

OSU Fans of the Week!

BFF 4 Life!

College football keeps old friendships strong long after graduation day. Today, Autumn Thunder is proud to introduce the Michigan community to two best friends who went to OSU together, and remained close buddies to this day by watching football games in the bar where they first met.

Names: Jedediah McElroy (left) and Cyrus Potter (right).

Location: Columnbus, OH

Hobbies: Eating squirrels and bugs (Jedediah), watching death row executions with popcorn and soda. (Cyrus)

Ages: 46 (Jedediah) 44 (Cyrus)

Occupations: Deceased pet embalmer (Jedediah), animal roadkill scraper (Cyrus). See, they have so much in common!

Why They're Buckeye Fans: (Jedediah) "When yer life's wasted down the terlet, and you think it ain't worth livin, ya think of two things - friendship and OSU football and beer."

(Cyrus) "Hey friend, ain't that three thangs?"

(Jedediah) "Naw man. Friendship ain't no thang. It's a metephysical bond between two people that can't be categorized."

(Cyrus) "Whatchou talkin bout boy?"

(Jedediah) "Aw shuddup and get me a beer."

Isn't friendship wonderful? Autumn Thunder thinks so, and hopes you do too.



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