Friday, August 10, 2007

Actual News: LaMarr Woodley Participates In Unveiling of Worst Mascot Ever!

Look how embarrassed he is. Poor Woodley!

Look out mascot world, there is a new contender for the title of Worst Mascot Ever Invented! Meet Steely McBeam, the new mascot for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steely is a giant construction worker with a jaw bigger than Chad Henne's and skin yellower than most characters on the Simpsons. True, Autumn Thunder is a Michigan blog, but since Michigan man and Steelers rookie LaMarr Woodley helped unveil this gigantic embarrassment, Steely makes his AT debut today. Congratulations, Steely.

"It was so freakin' ugly I didn't quite know what to do," said LaMarr. "I threw up in my mouth when I saw it for the first time. After the unveiling, I went home and reflected on how awesome it was to play for Michigan, who knew that if you can't have a good mascot, don't have one at all."

They should have named him "Ugly McSuck."


Rodrigo said...

muy bonito tu blog :)
pasate por el mio :D

PeteW said...

As a Michigan and Steelers season ticket holder, I also just threw up in my mouth..That was a freaking hilarious post!

Seth said...

Steely McBeam!? That sounds like a Scottish porn star with a drinking problem. All his porn videos involve a 5th of brown liquor, a kilt, bag pipes, and the Notre Damn leprechaun as a side kick.

Andrew said...

dude, it's like purdue pete's long lost and much uglier uncle or something....

Papa Steve said...

Is it me, or does that seem like something straight out of a Simpsons episode? Does Mr. Burns own the Sttelers? 'Yesssss, give the fools their tar-tar sauce.'

Can a Duff Beer sponsorship be far behind?


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