Monday, July 9, 2007

Wolverines As Late 80's/Early 90's Rap Songs! 2!

Continuing from Friday's edition, ahem...


You've Got To Fight (For Your Right) (performed by The Beastie Boys) - Adrian Arrington

He woke up late for running, he don't wanna go. He asked Lloyd for the day off but Lloyd just said no. Running those stairs made him feel like a jerk. Staying out late got him a whole lot of work! He had to fight - for his right - to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!

Gin and Juice (performed by Snoop Dogg) - Tim Jamison

This was the song that launched Snoop Dogg to superstardom. He had tons of street cred going into "Doggystyle," but when he dropped Gin and Juice on the American public, he became an instant legend. This year, Tim Jamison is like Snoop right before his greatest song ever came out - a badass waiting for his chance to shine and prove to the world how good he really is. Running backs and offensive linemen? He don't love them ho's!

Bust A Move (performed by Young MC) - Mario Manningham

When Mario Manningham busts a double move on a cornerback, consider that sucka burned. Sure, Mario has the speed. He has the hands. He has the cool sounding name. All these attributes and more make him one of the most feared receivers in the game - but the double move is the death blow to many would-be defenders on fields across the nation.

Big Poppa (performed by Biggie) - Jake Long

There are many reasons why Jake Long is the perfect candidate to represent Big Poppa. He's big (granted, not technically a poppa), and he know's that he can dominate any situation he encounters. Just like Biggie, Jake knows he's a stud, and carries himself with a swagger that lets defensive linemen know who's boss. He throws his hands in the air like he's a true player!


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