Monday, July 30, 2007


McGuffie, Bitches!

Sam McGuffie has committed to Michigan. Wait, let me say it again - SAM McGUFFIE HAS COMMITED TO MICHIGAN! Oh, the joy! In a little over a year, we will get to see McGuffie jump all over people, spin around a bunch of dudes and then run for 90 yard touchdowns, and bring to Michigan some of that cocky whiteboy gangsta funk that the team has been missing. Hellz yeah! Thank you, Fred Jackson, thank you. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. McRelief at last.


Gary said...

You know, I don't leave comments here, but I want you to know that I have you on my RSS feed and whenever it lights up, I immediately come to your page to read whatever brilliant, hilarious content you've conceived of.

Thank you for this awesome stuff.

Seth said...

Yes, what Gary said. I am eagerly awaiting the buckeye fan of the week. I post them in my office here in Crackland, er, Cleveland.


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