Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harbaugh: Reloaded!

I'm bringin' it back up. All opposed say 'nayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!'

Ever wonder if Harbaugh was right? Almost every Michigan blog, Autumn Thunder included, has thrown their two cents in on this issue - yet nobody has really supported their argument with hard evidence thoroughly yet. In an attempt to provide something of actual value to our little universe, Autumn Thunder proudly presents this marginally crappy analysis of the differences between the majors chosen by players on both the Michigan and Standford football teams. Ahem...


Michigan has always prided itself on the student athletes holding themselves to a high standard. We like knowing our boys kick butt on the field and in the classroom. Out of the 118 student athletes listed on, here are the majors chosen by the players and the corresponding number of players enrolled for each program.

Click the image to read it more good.

american culture 1
biology 1
biopsychology 1
business 2
economics 2
English 1
general studies 36
history 1
kinesiology 3
movement science 1
not shown 25
philosophy 1
physical education 1
psychology 3
spanish 1
sports management / communications 7
undeclared 31

Things to note: The large number of players who don't have their majors identified is detrimental to this analysis - these guys could be nuclear physics majors...but the smart money is on general studies or undeclared. The undeclared amount may be normal - how many freshman know what they want to study right away during their first year? That being said, notice the big lump of dudes in the general studies program? Touche, Harbaugh. Touche indeed.

Hey Vern! What time's practice tomorra?


"College football needs Stanford." Do we really? Probably not. One thing is for sure - there is an enormous amount of overachievers on this team. Just check them out on their website. National Honor Society this. National Merit Scholar that. Awards awards awards blah blah blah. But are their majors that much different than Michigan's?

Only Superman could read this without clicking the image.

classics 1
communication 6
computer science 1
economics 1
engineering 1
english 2
international relations 1
management science / Engineering 6
math / comp sci 1
mechanical engineering 3
not shown 6
philosophy 2
political science 6
public policy 4
Science Technology 9
sociology 2
undeclared 30

Things to note: They only have 82 guys on this team. 30 undeclared? This team seems really confused and many of them seem to have no frickin clue what to do with their futures. Maybe they're all freshmen? Seems fishy to me. Granted, the guys who actually pick majors pick some doozies. But, for every mathematical science / engineering major, there's a communications major there to balance the scale.

What am I doing with my life? Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Is Harbaugh really right? Does Michigan pass kids through easy majors in hopes of keeping them in school? The data seems to support this. Do the Stanford boys have a tougher academic road ahead of them then our Wolverines? By the looks of things - yes. But you know what? In 47 days, Michigan will pound on Appalachian State and Stanford will get abused by UCLA. Take that, you self-righteous nancies!



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