Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Billy Dollaz: Spendin' Cheese!

Duderstadt Center + Yost Ice Arena = New Practice Facility

Late last week, the regents at U of M approved a new $26.1 mm practice facility for the football team. Who do we have to thank? None other than Big Billy Dollaz, who dipped into his seemingly endless bank account to pull off this construction project.

"Yo! I'm totally hyped over this project. Can you imagine the bikini foam parties...I mean fundraisers I can have in here? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah."

The Lobby As BBD Envisions It. Keepin' It Economical, Bitches!

"I want our boys to be comfortable," said Dollaz. They'll have the finest fitness equipment money can buy. Hell, I'll have fitness equipment invented and priced so high no other college football program will never be able to afford it. They'll have all the amenities a young male athlete could ever ask for. Trust me, our team will be taken care of."

BBD Interviews Masseuses For The New Facility.

"Some people complain that I'm neglecting other sports at Michigan, and just giving them the football team's old hand-me-downs instead of funding their programs adequately. That's whack, yo! I'm totally hooking all our sports team on the level," said Dollaz.

BBD Totally Hooking Up The Women's B-Ball Team.

What will Dollaz spend on next? Hopefully my electric bill. Air conditioning is killing the Cowbell Commander this summer.


Reed said...

That massage pic is priceless. Is BBD sporting a gold bracelet and a pinkie ring? Aside from looking like he's going to get the Moe Green treatment, he is clearly livin' large.


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