Monday, July 16, 2007

2007 Golden Ufers: The Dance Team Award For Best Looking Meeeechigan Football Blog.

Why Do They Always Have To Be On The Opposite Side Of The Stadium? Whyyyyyy?

A fine looking blog is something to be proud of. Not to say looks are everything - the Cowbell Commander is one homely fellow (hence the anonymous picture) and I know that the content is what matters. Nonetheless, we, the readers of the Michigan Blogosphere, have a number of outstanding blog templates to see on a daily basis. Which one is your favorite? Vote for the blog you think deserves the Michigan Dance Team Golden Ufer Award, named after that oh-so-fine-looking Michigan Dance Team. Somewhere, up in heaven, the inventor of spandex is smiling down and appreciating his work. The winner will be announced when the voting slows down enough to call it quits.


ts said...

all of those blogs are (purposely) butt ugly. maize and blue look good on a helmet, not so much on webpages.

Dave said...

What the heck? No love for me? Mr. Wolverine doesn't get credit for looking good. Come on people you know it looks good. haha.


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