Thursday, April 26, 2007

"300" Gets Sequal; Mike Hart Gets Leading Role.

After the smashing success of "300" this winter, Warner Brothers has decided to make a sequel. Only this time, instead of casting some white guy on steroids, Mike Hart will get his first nod in a leading Hollywood role. There are other changes from the original film. After thousands of Iranian protesters boycotted "300" due to the defamation of Persian culture, WB will no longer use Persians as the enemy. Instead, Trojans will be the villains, as nobody in the history of humanity ever liked them.

The plot is mysterious at this point, but we suspect it has something to do with Mike Hart beating the crap out of some Trojans. We here at Autumn Thunder say, "what the hell more do you need?" Keep it simple!

The movie is tentatively titled "20: Hart's Revenge" and is due out in January 2008. Look for more information coming up in future months.

The tagline so far?

"Tonight, we dine in...PIZZA HOUSE!"


Reed said...

Good stuff, man. I think you adore Mike Hart even more than I do, if that's actually possible...


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