Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Up Close With Rich Rodriguez!

The story has been out for three days and nobody thought of this picture yet? Hellooooooo?!?!?

With all the bad press about the Shredder-Gate floating around, Autumn Thunder is proud to present an interview with Rich Rodriguez with hopes that we will all get to know him better as a person, and not think of him as a cold-hearted football program sabatoging meanie.

CC: Hey thanks for doing this interview!
RR: My pleasure. Just keep it cordial, ok? Make me seem like a nice guy.
CC: You got it. So, what's your favorite Tom Clancy novel?
RR: Easy! The Hunt for Shred October. Oops! Freudian slip there. Don't mind that.
CC: It's all good. What's your favorite Italian dish?
RR: No question there - shred-ucinni Alfredo. Damn! I did it again! I must have something on my mind. Please excuse me.
CC: Think nothing of it. Now then - what is your favorite movie with Julia Roberts?
RR: I loved her in "My Best Friend's Shredding." Wait...DARN! CRAP! What is with me today?
CC: Beats me. Back to the interview, please. I'm quite busy. Who is your favorite horror director?
RR: Al-shred Hitchcock. I mean FRED. Not SHRED. F-R-E-D.
CC: What do you like to put on your nachos?
RR: Jalepeno peppers, red onions, and sharp shredder cheese. Whoops! I DEFINITELY meant cheddar.
CC: Who is your favorite member of Pearl Jam?
RR: Hands down, Eddie Shredder. I should have shred Vedder. I mean said Vedder! D'oh! Sorry, my mind is elsewhere. SHREDDER! SHREDDER! SHREEEEEEEEEDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
CC: It's ok. Do you want to pick this up another time?
RR: Yeah, I think that's best. We'll talk again soon, I'm sure!
CC: Oh, I'll rest a-shred that we will! Thanks!

See? What a nice guy!


phillip said...

Awesome picture choice! Haven't thought of shredder in quite some time.

Do you have any other thoughts on shredder-gate?

(also, on the below post - at least AA isn't Mpls, where I'm located. If the Gophers were trying to recruit him this weekend, there's a chance he wouldn't see positive temperatures!)

kowisja said...

Haha, that thought hit me last night. I was like, dude, AT would have a field day with this. Appears I was right a day late.

To complicate the reference, shredder also ran a psycho ninja offense called the foot clan. They just lose to green teams, which is unspeakable.


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