Monday, January 14, 2008

And That's The Bottom Line, Because Mike Barwis Said So!

Barwis 3:16 Says "If you can't handle it, you're TOO FAT!"

To further expand on a great post that Brian put up today, I can't help notice the similarities between Mike Barwis and Stone Cold Steve Austin. First, take a look at Barwis' high-energy no-nonsense approach he takes to the job.

New Michigan Strength Coach Mike Barwis

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Then, take a look at the intensity and charisma displayed by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While their strategies for building a better body may be different (Baris's highly scientific approach to strength and speed training vs. Austin's "beer bellies give you a lower center of gravity" theory), it is apparant that these two guys have one major thing in common:

They are both intent on seriously kicking some ass!

Oh, this is going to be awesome.



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