Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Et Tu, Sam?

Today was supposed to be a joyous day. I woke up to Mikey's wet snout on my face, grabbed him, and said "today's the day we get Sam McGuffie!" Then I got dressed, hopped over the bum in my lobby, and went to work.

All day at work I was sneakily checking Rivals and MGoBlog for the latest updates. I was really depressed after I learned Sam wasn't 100% sure about us.

Losing him would be a slap in the face combined with a kick in the balls. A total shock that really hurts and something you never saw coming. I'd hate to spend the next four years watching him in that ugly mustard and blue uniform wondering what may have been.

Sam - for all that is good in the world...send that letter of intent to Rich Rodriguez tomorrow.


Ameed said...

great success!


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